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Art Glass Beads by Yvonne

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Bead Meets

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia a city of 1M I think, we dont have many lampworkers here but numbers are growing.  Its nice to get together and share our experiences on the torch, to talk glass and eewwhh and ahhh over show and tell.  Once a month a group of lampworkers meet at the Rockhounds Gem and Mineral Club each 1st Friday night of the month.   If you make your own glass beads and would like to join in with a bunch of talent art glass bead makers, inspire and be inspired, email me at


Rockhounds Gem and Mineral Club

The Log Cabin

17 Gerald Ct.

Christies Downs, SA.


We also have bead meets with the girls from the This meet is for all beaders whether it be simple stringing, beadweaving, wirework etc all members of the forum are welcome.  We meet at Mama Camellas on Unley Rd at a pre arrange date on a Friday night.  So come on join the forum and come along to a meet where you won't get the blank vague stare of 'is she talking about beads again' we love to talk beads ALL NIGHT, we want to meet you and see your stuff, so bring along show and tell.